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    Dungeon World Manual

    So, this has been sitting on my hard drive for a little while. I think I was originally waiting to post it until I had a basic theme to go with it. However, it is clear to me that may not happen for a while so I'm gonna go ahead and post this.

    The "this" I'm referring to is the Dungeon World manual, in it's near entirety, set up for the MoreCore ruleset.

    Features include:

    • Module for the GM and a pared down module for Players. Just unzip the DungeonWorld.zip into your modules directory. (There should be 2 files.)
    • Full Reference Manual created with the Author extension. It's all there but the pictures. The text is released under a Creative Commons License. Sadly, the artwork is not. Moves, spells, NPCs, etc. have links to their corresponding FG entries.
    • Pregenerated Character Sheet "blanks" for each class. These are created so all the player needs to do is fill in their stats and bonus numbers, list out their particulars, choose their 1st level moves if needed (some classes don't get a choice at 1st lvl), choose spells if needed, and fill in equipment.
    • Uses MoreCore's Parameters and Reference fields for most character sheet rolls - The character sheet rolls are pre-linked to their corresponding stat mods. Any new moves gained or added to the sheet will need to be linked prior to use. That involves an easy drag-n-drop.
    • Spells are entered as Abilities and are grouped by class and level - Just drag the ones your character knows or has in their spellbook to the Abilities tab of your sheet. They are listed with the level at the beginning so they get ordered by level. If a spell has a damage roll associated with it, there is an easy link within the spell text that can be dragged to the Spells pane on the MoreData tab of your sheet.
    • NPCs are grouped by Monster Setting and their full stat block and flavor text are on each one's Notes tab. Damage rolls are are provided on the Main tab. Some monsters use a best/worst roll mechanic. In those cases, a separate modifier is provided to click first. Where applicable, the monsters also have a Treasure roll that will roll on DW's random treasure table. Caveat: These rolls do not take into account specific monster tags that adjust the roll. Change as you see fit.
    • Magic Items can be added to inventory, party sheet, parcel, etc. Almost none of these have a dice mechanic associated with them so the items are primarily flavor text only.
    • GM Tools - The Instant NPC table rolls on 3 other tables to give you a name, instinct, and knack for those times when your players accost *ahem*, er, catch the eye of a random person on the street. I've also included a story template that uses the technique published by RPG Alchemy for generating quick one-shot style scenarios, or as a kick-off for a new campaign.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something, and I know there are typos and likely entire things missing. At some point, I'll probably scrape together a theme for it and maybe even dig into the best/worst roll mechanics as a learning exercise. For now, though, this is it. Feel free to let me know about typos, etc. and, for sure, please inform me if something's just borked.

    Now, on to the (composite) screenies.

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    This is really fantastic. Thanks for posting this!

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    OMG! We are starting a DW campaign in three weeks. Thank you so much for this!!

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