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    Alright, well, I can try to sprinkle in some later scenarios. Might be some time though before we reach tier 3-6, let alone 5-8. Maybe Live Exploration Extreme! and then Duskmire Accord 9.

    Start time: It was a relatively close decision but a majority woud only be able to/would prefer around 2 PM GMT, so we'lll stick with that.

    If someone needs the server up for character creation (alias can be found under GM Announcements in the lower right corner of the game calendar), we'll find some suitable time. With the exception of Armory I should have the relevant FG modules. If you include stuff from the armory, make sure to also include the rellevant descriptive text.
    No worries I can adjust to the planned time. Count me in!
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    I've done Skitter Shot, 1-16, and 1-18 and at lvl 3 I have AP 2 Temple of the 12 to apply.

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    Inventory Tracking and latest Chronicle

    I'll upload my Character xml when I figure out how to get the max dex, armor check penalty, and racial AC bonus issues sorted.
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    Sorry I'm late to the discussion. Been a very busy week at work and the internet been down at home for a good lot of the week. I'm in for 2pm GMT. I couldn't do the later time unfortunately, but I could miss this one without a problem as I do have other things to do this weekend, too.

    I'll be running Sajean Anaheim Yates again for this, and I believe this will be his third, so he'll be level 2 for the next time now. Am I correct in that I cannot apply the XP or credits from the pregen that I ran last week with Talen until Anaheim reaches the same level (3rd I believe)?

    For party coordination, Anaheim is a soldier-priest from an order that worships the Black Butterfly. He is mute, but he has a small computer with a built-in artificial personality that he can talk through using hand gestures. He can do melee combat, but prefers to stand off using either a rifle or dual pistols, or heavy weapons if the situation demands (although he doesn't currently possess any heavy weapons atm).

    [EDIT]BTW, "Sajean" is a title from Anaheim's order that denotes him as one of their "Warrior Acolytes" whose mission is to travel among the stars defending good and crushing evil wherever they find it. It's something I made up for him, and the word comes from a book series I'm currently listening to in my truck and isn't spelled the same as the books.
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    here's my character. It's a fresh character (It will be 42939-710) and will likely change before being played at 2nd level (I will probably rebuild once I can make this character a skittermander ^^).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kananesgi View Post
    Am I correct in that I cannot apply the XP or credits from the pregen that I ran last week with Talen until Anaheim reaches the same level (3rd I believe)?
    Basically two options:

    1. Apply it to a 1st level character: "You can apply adventure credit from a higher-level sanctioned module or Adventure Path to a newly created, 1st-level Starfnder Society Roleplaying Guild character. When doing so, reduce the credits reward to 720 credits if the adventure grants 1 XP or 2,160 credits if it grants 3 XP. You do not beneft from any boons until your Starfnder Society Roleplaying Guild character reaches the minimum level listed on the Chronicle sheet, unless otherwise noted"

    2. Wait until level 4 I believe and get the full benefits. It is a little bit unclear whether you can also apply it to characters once they reach the scenario's range (meaning basically level 3). It has been stated that you can do so in pregen-only scenarios but it's not entirely clear if you can do so in any scenario.

    Discussion can be found e.g. here.

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    Character xml
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    Ok, thanks for the info stephan. I remember reading that somewhere, but I hadn't been able to find it again in the very limited time I've had to look this week. I'll decide tonight if I want to apply the credit now or wait. I could apply it now, right. He's not "newly created" but he is still 1st level.

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    Nainakra: I added Common and Vesk as languages.

    Kyra: Would still need a faction as well as amount of purchases (or starting credits totals) (before game start is sufficient).

    Anaheim Yates: In case you purchased something, make sure to update your character.

    Jason Steel: Does he already have a Welcome to Starfinder Society chronicle sheet?

    Total party composition:

    Lashunta (damaya) Technomancer

    Kasatha Operative

    Human Soldier

    Human Mystic

    Vesk Soldier

    Human Soldier

    You should be able to handle combats.

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