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    6e still supported?

    6e still pretty decently supported on FG?

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    Sorry, I should probably clarify my question... I'm looking at the new Punktown setting for CoC and it was designed for 6e. Is 6e still decently viable in itself in comparison to 7e? Should I instead try to convert Punktown to 7e rules and get the 7e FG ruleset?

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    It's still totally viable. If you're happy with CoC 6e then play it with 6e.

    However, if you are more familiar with 7e, or would prefer to run as 7e, then it should be pretty easy to convert.
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    hi ProfDogg both are available/supported.
    Conversion to 7E is quite straight forward - https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product...ion-Guidelines (free download) so go with whichever you like.
    7E is I think easier to use than 6E.

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    I hope so as I'm not a big fan of 7th edition.

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