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    There are two off the top of my head. I'm not to the statblock phase of editing the book yet. But yeah, both are the DR 1/2 which can't be done in FG unless/until damage types are implemented first.

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    Hope this didn't post twice, my internet is being weird. If it did I'll erase one...

    Quote Originally Posted by Andraax View Post
    I only saw one creature with DR in the Tome, and it uses "half of damage from bladed weapons". What other creatures have it?
    While a creature may not have inherent DR remember many creatures cast spells and such that can carry DR traits, resist "x", protection from "x" etc...
    On the players side they also have use of spells and can gain items that give them resistances to these things. Potion of fire resistance, ring of fire resistance, Protection from poison.

    Also creatures might be vulnerable to various attack forms which should be addressed along side resistances/immunities. Traits like Incorporeal which require magic weapons to harm them would fall into this category as well. It's more than just simply searching for "resistance" or "Immune" within the M&T book.

    The fact is there are more than enough instances to warrant incorporating resistances into the rule set.

    Below are just the monsters that I've found in the M&T. Granted my pdf is the 2nd printing but I doubt it's changed much and it shows how many of them are subject to this rule set requirement in just one book. Not to mention creatures created by CK's, modules, and additional books released by TLG. Not including this feature is a huge downside. It often requires CK's go back constantly and re adjust damage players rolled to accurately reflect what is going on. Needless to say this can get annoying fast. I also didn't read every bit of text so I probably missed some since it seems TLG liked to hide DR text in the combat section a lot (see skeletons).

    List of Monsters that have DR traits

    Allip: Incorporeal
    Assassin Vine: Resistance: Cold and Fire (half).
    Banshee: Immune to Cold and Electricity
    Behir: Immunity: Electricity (full)
    Bodak: Immunity: Electricity (full), Acid (half) and Fire (half)
    Dragons: Immune to various forms based on dragon type.
    Driders: Have Access to spells.
    Drow: Have access to spells.
    Elementals: Immune to Various Elemental Attacks.
    Frost Worm: Immunity to Cold, Vulnerability to Fire
    Gelatinous Cube: Immunity to Electricity, Partial Cold Immunity
    Djinni: Immunity to Acid
    Efreeti: Immunity to Fire (full), Vulnerability to cold
    Ghast: Vulnerability: Cold Iron, Incorporeal
    Ghost: Incorporeal
    Giant, Fire: Immunity to Fire (full), Vulnerability to Cold
    Giant, Frost: Immunity to Cold (full), Vulnerability to Fire
    Giant, Storm: Immunity to Electricity (full)
    Golems: Immunity to Magic
    Hag, Night: Immunity: Fire, Cold
    Hellhound: Immunity to Fire (full)
    Lich: Spell use (Will have a wide variety of magic items unlimited resistance potential)
    Lycanthropes: Take double damage to silver. "Vulnerability to silver"
    Mimic: Immunity to Acid (full)
    Mummy: Vulnerability to Fire
    Naga, Dark: Immunity to Poison
    Naga, Guardian: Spells
    Naga, Spirit: Spells
    Nymph: Spells
    Ochre Jelly: Immunity to Slashing and Electircity
    Pudding, Black: Immunity (full): Cold and Electricity
    Prysmal Eye: Immunity to Magic, Spells
    Rakshasa: Immunity to Magic, Blessed Vulnerability
    Roper: Immunity to Electricity (full) Resistance to Cold (half), Vulnerability to Fire
    Salamander: Immunity: Fire and Enchantments, Vulnerability to Cold
    Shadow: Incorporeal, Sunlight Vulnerability
    Shadow Mastiff: Sunlight Vulnerability
    Shambling Mound: Immune to Fire (half), Resistance to Cold (half)
    Skeleton: Because of their boney nature, any slashing or piercing weapons do half damage (listed in combat not stat block)
    Spectre: Incorporeal
    Sphinx: Spells
    Tavis Wyrm: Vulnerability to Cold, Fire Protection (Tavis wyrms are immune to all fire-based attacks. However, cold-based attacks inflict double damage)
    Treant: Vulnerability to Fire
    Unicorn: Immunity: Poison
    Vampire: Electrical Resistance (half)
    Weight: Wights are only affected by physical attacks using magical weapons of +1 or better. (listed in combat section, would suggest using Magic as the damage type or null damage occurs)
    Will-O'-Whisp: Immunity to Magic
    Wraith: Incorporeal (A wraith is normally insubstantial like a ghost or spectre and thus only magical weapons of +1 or better can affect her ectoplasmic form)
    Xorn: Immunity: Cold, Fire, and Petrification, Resistance to Electricity (half)
    Yrthak: Yrthak are immune to all effects that rely on sight, such as gazes, illusions, and spells that affect the eyes. They are particularly vulnerable to sonic attacks, however, and suffer double damage from them.
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    Not sure of the exact page, but there is a discussion in the CKG of armor etc... having damage resistance properties. It's been a while since I read the section but that's how I remember it.

    Frankinson... Good extensive list/summary.
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    That's the DR that the beasties in Tome of the Unclean use...

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    I just reviewed the Damage Reduction section of the CKG. It replaces the entire AC mechanic. Basically, your AC becomes 10+DexMod+MiscMod. Then, if you're wearing an armor with an AC value of say 6, the first 6 HP of damage is soaked up by your armor, with the rest applying to you. Also, under this system, you keep track of the HP of your armor, and when it reaches 0, it becomes worthless. So, you get hit more often (essentially every hit becomes a "Touch" hit), but you take less damage until your armor becomes worthless. If I implement this, it will definitely be an option, because I don't see those rules being used frequently...

    The resistance mentioned by Frankison are already implemented (if they are stated correctly, they will automatically add "RESIST: whatever" or "VULN: whatever" as an effect in the combat tracker when the NPC is added) - however, most weapons are not coded to actually generate a damage type. So, that part is kinda half-done.

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    Cross-posting from the other thread:

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