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    this sounds like a fun game and id love to have the oppourtunity to join is there is any room left. please contact me and ill be more than happy to provide you with any info about myself

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    Looking for 1 or 2 players for this campaign. Currently 3rd level. Party consists of Paladin, Rogue, Bard, and Ranger. Look at original post and pm if interested.

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    If the game is Wednesday i would love to jump in. Thanks!


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    I would be interested. I've always liked Ravenloft. I'm pretty good with FG and I've played D&D forever.

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    We could use another player for this ongoing campaign. Roleplay of the horror vibe is welcomed. If interested, shoot me a message.
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    Hey, this is a good time slot for me now, still need a player?

    What level and what classes are being played?

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    The campaign is getting higher in level and the DM (me) could use some help with NPC's. So if you like to play guest spots, we will have a few upcoming. Send me a message for more info. Good roleplayer required, thanks.

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    We could use one player for this campaign. The group is currently 8th level. If you would like to join shoot me a message.

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