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    Animal Companions

    I never played original pathfinder let alone on fantasy grounds.

    When i have have people playing a class with a pet in dnd5e i usally make a pc with the stats of the creature they have and its under their control.

    In pf2 i found that the the character sheet is locked up so i'm unable to manually change the stats. so i went into the db.xml file and started editing and discovered that the <abilities> are dictated by the <chargentracker>.

    So should i just scrap this idea and make a npc entry to use as the animal companion or just keep on going.

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    You still might be able to edit abilites by either

    hovering with the mouse over the score field + holding control + scrolling

    or simply using the misc column.
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    Or you can also use NPC records for animal companions...

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    Thank you kind stranger the ctrl+scroll is wonderful.

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