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    Deadlands: Reloaded New Blessed

    With the Good Intentions campaign (and according to the Stone and a Hard Place errata & rules changes - pg 1) the events of the Cackler changed the way magic works for Blessed Wild Cards.


    Are these changes going to be (or are they already part of the Knights without armor ext?) worked into the Deadlands: Reloaded setting code?

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    I was tasked with doing Stone and a Hard Place (Player Guide is done-ish; GM side is coming rather slowly), no word about Good Intentions yet. That said, I am not the current developer of Deadlands Reloaded so I cannot add any features to the setting's code, nor am I at liberty to discuss any behind the scenes conversations on the matter. Suffice to say I would not hold your breath for any additional code features unless something actually breaks and causes errors. I'm building Stone and a Hard Place within the limitations of the available features.

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