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    No problem. At level one, the options are pretty much limited anyway.

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    Update: Due to one player dropping out and kananesgi also possibly withdrawing, we're currently at four players.

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    Ok, the way I read that was that you already had 6 players lined up. I just reapplied and I probably will make a new build based around a soldier / sniper or something like that.

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    Sure, no problem.

    Sorry for the miscommunication.

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    Ok, here we go. This is my character and his drone.
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    Ok, I got my character built and ready. I'll need a few minutes at least before game start to input him into FG, unless you can do that for me.

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    Well, depends on how complicated it is. Level ones should be doable. The server should be up at least 1 1/2 hours beofre gametime, though.

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    Currently six players interested (though one or two I would still call a "maybe"). So currently no open spots left. There is however always the possibility of people dropping out. For clarification: Everyone that has declared interest so far is in, any additional players from now on would be on a waiting list.

    Just to confirm: SFS Into the Unknown Sun August 12 @ 2 PM GMT, first level characters

    As I'm currently prepping for tomorrow, the server should be up right now. Details the same as last time (but can be found under GM Announcements in the game calendar).

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    Server should already be up.

    Game in less than an hour.

    Also one errata regarding boons:
    Official Errata: On page 6, replace the Boon Slots text with the following: "No boon slots, except a Personal boon that grants access to a new playable race, are available for Into the Unknown, but the GM should explain that PCs acquire boons as they play adventures, and this is where they would normally be asked to review and select their boons for this adventure, based on their mission briefing."

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    I think I sent out drafts of the chronicle sheets to everyone. If not, please let me know.

    Next game will probably be The Commencement 08/21 (Tuesday) 3 PM GMT or 4 PM GMT if we find enough players.

    After that probably Sunday (08/26) around 2 PM GMT. I would be open to some suggestions for scenarios, otherwise I'd go chronologically.

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