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    SFS Into the Unknown Sun August 12 @ 2 PM GMT

    A series of five Starfinder Quests designed for 1st-level characters.

    When a mysterious visitor comes to Absalom Station selling items belonging to a lost Starfinder, the Starfinder Society takes note. The PCs are dispatched to discover out how the recent arrival found these items, leading them on a series of quests beyond the Pact Worlds and into the stars.

    "Into the Unknown" includes five, 1-hour adventures that take the PCs from exploring Absalom Station, to partaking in starship combat, to exploring an alien world. The fifth adventure in the series provides a stunning conclusion that takes the PC's previous accomplishments into account for a climactic final showdown against an enemy starship.

    Written by Ron Lundeen.

    Starfinder Society Scenario Tags: Quest, Repeatable, Starship

    We will use Fantasy Grounds (I have an Ultimate license) and Teamspeak.

    Make sure to both apply here as well as in the game calendar, stating which character you'd like to play. If necessary, a 3 PM GMT starting time would also be possible.

    If you apply, make sure you still send me your previous chronicle sheet of the character you want to apply this chronicle to (if you already have any chronicle sheet), either here or on Discord (Fantasy Grounds channel).

    If you haven't already, also make sure to either build the character on FG yourself (and send it to me) or log in early enough so you can do so on game day.

    Newcomers to SF, SFS and/or FG are welcome.
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    I'm in, I'll play a melee mechanic with a drone. I'll upload the xml and last chronicle later.
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    I signed up - unfortunately, the only pc I have in tier is also a mechanic - although I'd be happy to play a pregen to balance the party out. Here is the inventory tracking sheet, PC in FG format and last chronicle.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Alright, thanks.

    Currently three other interested players, so we should have a chance at a legal table and hopefully enough to have a diverse party so that two mechanics shouldn't be a problem.

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    Currently looks like two mechanics, one technomancer, one solarian, one unknown.

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    I'm in as well. Unfortunately, I too was planning to play a mechanic. It's a rather strange build, focusing more on being a medic with a combat drone to give cover fire.

    I guess I can make another new character. A soldier perhaps?

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    Well, you could always try a mechanic-heavy party, though I'm not sure how well that would work.

    As already mentioned, another alternative would be playing a pregen.

    In other news: Currently all six spots would have been taken (though drop-outs are always possible).

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    Ok, I dropped out then. I didn't see that many players already on board.

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    That was not meant to discourage you as you would be the 6th player.

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    I'm happy to roll another....just may not be able to get to you until Saturday or Sunday.

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