Magic may be the most fascinating of all the interesting things in Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved. This Fantasy Grounds conversion expands that system with hundreds more spells--converted from the SRD, the Complete Book of Eldritch Might, and other sources, as well as some brand-new spells. All of them come complete and ready to use with the flexible Arcana Evolved magic system, including heightened and diminished effects, magic item creation modifiers, and more With its converted and new spells, the Spell Treasury more than triples the repertoire of Arcana Evolved spellcasters. And each spell is tailored for the unique Arcana Evolved magic system -- all the conversion work is already done for you -- and now it's available for your Fantasy Grounds online campaign!

The Arcana Evolved Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds is required for this product to function properly in Fantasy Grounds. This product is 100% compatible with the LEGACY OF THE DRAGONS Fantasy Grounds conversion.

Included with this Fantasy Grounds product:

- Hundreds of spells for your Arcana Evolved campaign, updating new spells and pulling together all spells from all published Arcana Unearthed/Evolved products -- including spells previously available only in The Grimoire II exclusive PDF.

- New XML spell navigation tools developed for Fantasy Grounds that allow you to find spells by level and alphabetically with one mouse click!

- Spell names conversion list. Many of the spells in this book originated as System Reference Document spells for the core rules. Their new forms in this book, as well as the changes they have undergone, have earned a number of them new names. This list here cross-references the old names with the new, to help you find the core rules converted spells quickly.

- Three new monster entries that reference monsters of legend in the Arcana Evolved setting that are directly related to power spell entries.

- Images from the published Spell Treasury product depicting many of the spells in action!

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