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    Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest Feedback

    Please report any bugs/issues with the ruleset here:

    This thread will update over time as more information is available.

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    Will Fantasy Grounds support the Pathfinder 2 Playtest?

    Yes, we have an Early Access version of the ruleset available now. Update and look for a Campaign type of PFRPG2. The playtest ruleset has partial functionality and the data modules are partially complete. More features will be added each week.

    Who is building the ruleset?

    We have contracted Martin Blake to build the ruleset. You probably know him from the forums as Trenloe, where he is very active and helpful. He has also built the Pathfinder Bestiary 1 and 2 for the PFRPG ruleset. He will also be building the official/final Pathfinder 2 ruleset that will release in 2019.

    How much will it cost for the playtest rulest and modules?

    We've decided to release this for free to all license users or subscribers and advance Trenloe for the work. We hope you'll consider buying the official version once it releases in 2019.

    Where should I post feedback?

    Please post it right here. We will update this thread over time as new versions release.

    Where can I get the PDFs?

    How do I use it?
    Check our Pathfinder 2 Playlist on YouTube

    DISCLAIMER about the Early Access status of this ruleset
    This product is an Early Access release. It may feature bugs, incomplete data and prototype graphics. This is not a finished product. Using this for an ongoing campaign may result in lost characters or data and evolving functionality as new updates are released. We will try our best to minimize the impact of this to end-users, but please avoid using this ruleset if this will cause distress. We have a number of stable ruelsets available for other game systems we support. Data in the playtest materials included (Core Rules and Bestiary modules) will be deprecated once the official System Reference Data (SRD) is released along with the official Pathfinder 2 Core Rules and Bestiary. Please report any and all feedback to us at the forum listed here.
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    really excited for this, thanks for all the hard work!

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    Looks great so far. Nice work, and I'll most likely pick up the final product.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callum View Post
    Lol. I did notice that after the fact. Was dead tired but excited about the announcement.....and that was the result! Looking forward to the new release and trenloe does great work.

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    Do you want solely ruleset playtest info in here or do we post all playtest information including issues with the game itself and not FG related

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    Let's keep this thread focused on FG-specific information regarding the playtest; and start different threads for general playtest discussion.


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    This is very exciting to me. Please take my money.

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