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    Extraction with Extreme Prejudice mod (minor omission)

    No biggie because it was easy to correct but Covenant (NPC) is missing his Psionic Powers in the Personality entry. I had the pdf so I could see what the author wanted him to have so it was easy to just slide them in. Might want to update at some point... If I knew who the mod author was, I'd have just PM'd him/her. Is there a trick to figuring that out?

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    The issue has been identified and I just uploaded the hotfix. It will be pushed to the LIVE channel Tuesday, as always.
    Thanks for reporting (and not sure about the other DLC Devs but I prefer the reports here not in PM anyway). This led to discovering one additional issue with that NPC, so he should be good to go now.

    Edit: The hotfix is on the Test channel right now, and will be pushed to Live next Tuesday on the usual scheduled update.
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