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I know exactly where Cato left off. I was going to finish it. The IP art I can not confirm can be used, the textures, I can't confirm if they are original, stolen or bought. So it would need to be skinned. The coding... well 50% is my 2nd edition code with some edits, the balance is unfinished. It needs about a solid month or more of work if you can start from the basic point of knowing how the ruleset flows. I turned it back to Cato because he said he wanted to finish it.

Bit disappointing that he walked away again. At this point, if there is no 4th ed in the works, it would be easier for me to start from my 2nd edition and work forward. I can't promise anything. I need to evaluate my time available. I want a 4th ed set too.

One bummer... speaking game mechanics is the attack resolution can't be automated. And no opposed rolls can be automated. At least not a way I can see. So, in terms of getting a set ready, it does make it easier.
Thanks Paul