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    [ALPHA v1.0] Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) ~ Ruleset

    . . . (October 29th, 2018) . . .
    Morning folks,

    .......As always, I hope everyone is well. First and foremost, your one and only here just turned 20 years old! So as is tradition, I took a break this last weekend, so apologies for the lack of updates. Anyhow, I just wanted to inform you guys that I just finished wrapping up the inventory system and its linkage to the combat system. Moreover, the combat system is practically 90% done. Right now, I am working steadfast to program in all the computable conditions, talents, and magic as effects. Not gonna lie, this is quite a chore but pretty easy. After that, I have the joy of going to work on the combat system and finally other miscellaneous graphical and backend components. Lastly, as a quick note, I updated the progress picture album. Check it out! In all, gentlemen and ladies, be rest assured I am still working on this project and it shall be completed!


    1. How much is this ruleset going to cost once you release it?
      Nothing! Nada, zero, zilch, etc. This ruleset is going to be completely free on release. One of my favorite things about the community is how helpful and engaging its members have been. Consider this project as a little thank you.
    2. I am impressed by your work so far! Where can I donate to support you? Patreon? Twitch? GoFundMe?
      Haha, while I am not one to turn away money, I like to stand steadfast with my principles. As such, I am going to have to politely decline any form of monetary payment till I can fully show you guys the type of product I can make. I do not want anyone to feel ripped off. After that, then maybe I will consider creating a Patreon.
    3. Is this going to be an official, SmiteWorks USA, LLC and Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd. endorsed, ruleset for Fantasy Grounds?
      No, as of now, this will not be an official ruleset.
    4. Does this ruleset feature automatic calculations regarding opposed roll tests?
      Sadly, with the limited functionality that Fantasy Grounds’ currently has, this ruleset will not feature automatic calculations regarding opposed roll tests. Instead, calculating the difference in success levels has been left to the Game Master. In any case, I have faith that members of the community can do simple arithmetic in their head.
    5. What is the best way to contact you?
      While I welcome all of you to contact me through the Fantasy Grounds forums, my primary method of communication is Discord. Feel free to reach me at my Discord username which is CatoThe1stElder#9725.
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    Awesome news Cato!

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    Very excited for this
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    I don't have any programming skills, but I would be willing to type in for the data tables if needed

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    Have you decided on which ruleset you will base it?
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    Colour me interested. Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

    At this stage, just a character sheet would be awesome
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    Very pleased to see this,

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    Thanks, I'm using MoreCore right now to get things started for my group, but official support would be delightful.

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    I don't think there will be official support from Cubicle 7, but community ruleset is definitely something that should happen
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyar View Post
    I don't think there will be official support from Cubicle 7, but community ruleset is definitely something that should happen
    Well, I meant unofficial official support. Fantasy grounds really doesn't have all that much official support outside the mega-popular games it seems, which makes sense, as there are a ton of games out there. Still, I've used community rulesets for some of them and they're more than good enough in many cases. A few tweaks aesthetically and you're good to go.

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