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    Player looking for game..AE,D&D(any edition)

    Hey guys,

    Just trying out FG for the first time but I have played in online games before. (openRPG) Anyways, I'm looking to join a game obviously and like to play AE, D&D, Traveller, etc...old school and new school. Can you play 1edAD&D with FG too?

    I've been RPG'ing for a while so experience is not a prob. I live in EST(USA, I think that's GMT-4) Love to Roll-play and Role-play so I'm just looking for some serious players who are into the game.



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    Yes, you can play 1st-edition AD&D with Fantasy Grounds. I run a Classic D&D game on FG (Basic to Expert boxed sets, Mentzer or Rules Cyclopedia). Since you said "old school" you may want to join my game. Just send me a PM. I have custom maps, tokens and a Classic D&D character record sheet in FG.

    The action moves fast, with an emphasis on dungeon adventures interpersed with some role-playing. To join you must have the basic rulebook from Classic D&D or the D&D Rules Cyclopedia and, of course, have already purchased the FG program, lite or full version.

    Sessions run weekly or fortnightly at Friday 9pm U.S. EDT.
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