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    Seeking potential D20 Modern players

    Hello, I'm a GM considering starting up a D20 Modern campaign with this software... however, before I go about starting to form the campaign, I want to know if there's any interested players willing to even play...

    Here are some important things to consider:

    1) Game will be as realistic as possible, taking place on Earth - in other words, no goblins, dragons, ghouls, monsters, spells, magic, etc.... I want the game to be as real as possibile with a gritty feeling to it.

    2) The time-frame on earth will be approximately 2050... no, there wont be Phazer weapons, teleportation devices or spaceships that take people to mars and back... this year is being chosen because as one who watches politics closely, this is an era I can guestimate what it will be like (for a ficiton theme anyway) and will allow me to introduce MINOR technological advancements in terms of computers, equipment and to a limited degree, armor and firearms.

    If anything, much of the world will be in a declining state, so don't expect any over-the-top advancements.

    3) I have 13 years of experience as a DM for Dungeons and Dragons, recently just finishing an online D&D 3.5 game that lasted almost 2 years before finally ending. (On a side-note, I am 28 years old, if age is a concern)

    I have never run a D20 modern game before, this will be my first - nevertheless I am very well versed in the d20 ruleset.

    4) I am an amateur fiction writer, so I enjoy quality story telling in my games.

    5) I am an avid action fan as well though, and I love campaigns that involve a well-rounded amount of action, adventure and roleplaying/story telling... I try not to skimp on any of them (I try to offer a good amount of everything for all types of players, adapting to player's preferences as the campaign progresses).

    6) REQUIREMENTS: (if anyone is interested in joining, you must meet these)
    - Have access to D20 Modern core rulebook
    - Be relatively familiar with the rules (I dont mind occassionally pointing out rules to players, but I will not hand-hold players through a campaign)
    - Be a mature player (honestly I'd prefer no teenagers, but I accept there are some who can behave above their age)...

    By mature I mean not throwing tantrums if things dont go your way, disrupting gameplay with nonsensical/stupid behaviour (this ruins the level of immersion for players and me as the GM), able to meet upon agreed gaming times consistently (this one is huge to me)... missing a game once in awhile is fine since stuff happens in life, but if you cant make it to a game time we agreed upon before hand, then I'm not interested in you.

    A mature player is responsible and doesn't ruin the game experience for others with childish behavior... if you want to talk about non-game related things, please do so on your own time.

    I'm really picky on the behavioural aspect of players because I've some D&D games ruined by players who were acting like children.

    7) The game will likely begin somewhat small... maybe 2-4 players max, with me throwing in a NPC henchmen to help around a little bit (also for my own benefit to get a feel for what running a d20 character is like.. please note if i do throw in a npc, it will be a trivial character.. it'll have personality and background and goals, but it will not do anything to out-shine or ruin the goals and aspirations of other players.. it's just there so i can get a vague feel for running a d20 character... I may likely remove it later on in the campaign once I feel i learned enough from it)

    Anyhow, those verbose statements are it.... I wont likely be running the game for at least a month or a bit more, as I have a few supplement books I'd like to read before-hand.

    I also need to practice with this Fantasy Grounds software since it will be my first game with it (previous games were run via msn messenger and also online bulletin boards).

    Oh.. one other thing... I enjoy using visual aids a fair bit (lots of maps and scans of images whenever possible, so a connection of dsl, cable or faster would be beneficial to you, as sending these things via 33.6k modem or slower would take quite a while... I wont reject a player however, if they dont have high-speed access though).

    If this sounds like a campaign you might be interested in, please let me know here.


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    i would be interested i have the mongoose press handbook for the d20 modern but am not real fimilar with the game system. i have 20+ years of RPG pen and paper experince. let me know

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    Hi Bizcut.

    Yes, the mongoose d20 modern handbook is fine, it's identical to the d20 modern core rulebook just without pictures. I'm basically just making sure players have access to the basic game rules and somewhat familiar with them to smooth gameplay.

    I'll be sure to post updates here once i see if theres a few more people interested. I'm currently fleshing out campaign ideas and such.

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    This is something I would be very interested in, depending on timezone, day, time etc. I am a mature player who has been playing for quite a few years, and have the core rulebook. Please keep me posted on further developments.
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    Depending on what day you plan on playing, I would be interested.

    Ive never played in a modern game before, but am willing to learn the rules, have already looked through them before.

    I have played PnP for a number of years and prefer roleplaying over hack and slash.

    I am also pretty reliable, in my current group, I have only missed a couple sessions in about 9 months of playing.

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    I'm interested, depending on what time and day you plan on playing. I work 9-6 Pacific time on weekdays, and have evening commitments Fridays and most of the day Sundays, but if I can fit it in, I'd love to play some modern.

    I've got 20 years play evperience, and am familiar with the D20 Modern rules although my play experience has been limited. I have all the books, as well as a lot of the 3rd party supplements (Players Companions, Ultramodern Fireams, etc).
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    I've been looking for a D20 Modern game like this for a while. I'm interested in playing as well. I have the books and know the rules. My ability to play though would depend on the day. I can play any timezone.

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    Well, this sounds like a campaign that I would very much like to be part of. It will depend, of course, on time and day.


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    This is exactly the kind of game I've been looking to get involved in. I've been trying to figure out if I want to buy FG, and honestly, I'll buy it just to be in this game. I'm in.

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    Like the many before me, this D20 Modern set-up interests me. I will be honest about my experience:
    1) This is my first official post on these boards so I beg forgiveness if I breach etiquette in any way.
    2) I have a very sparse D20 Modern gaming background (I don't believe I have ever used an Action Point) but I respect the system and have easy access to most materials.
    3) I have some experience with FG but am still a relative novice. Seems as though it would be a learning experience for many here.

    Some thoughts and concerns:
    1) You say gritty and I like the taste of that. D20 Modern seems apt for comparison to film of recent memory and a gritty storyline puts me in mind of Sin City and/or Kill Bill. This suits my needs greatly but I do apologize if I am mistaken.
    2) I am leery of any futuristic undertones but it seems as though you are making the best of it for setting purposes alone. This pleases me.
    3) I am uncertain of recruitment and inception protocols 'round these parts but would be greatly excited to engage in more detailed communications regarding expectations and so on. I feel that a party should know each other in some detail. Not that I am making demands.

    I am somewhat mature (we all have our weak moments, eh?) and my schedule is currently depressingly open. I am interested in participating here where possible and seek only to aid in opening a dialogue on this matter with my lengthy response.
    I will look forward to future developments here.

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