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    Spirit of 77

    Character Sheet for Spirit of 77.

    Sheet includes the Basic Moves and Basic Rolls.
    The Basic Moves have the associated Attribute as part of the title for easy reference.

    Edit: Updated sheet to use 1.47's Roll Parameters
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    Moved Ars Magica Extension to MoreCore Extensions thread since this has expanded beyond a character sheet

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    Here is the Character sheet I made for 7th Sea with the rolls developed by Damned.


    And 2 screenshots

    Later on I will post Character sheets for all the PCs from the introduction Scenario.

    I'm still thinking about if it's necessary to enter NPCs, as the Combat System is more narrative that the way FG treats this. Even maps are not so used in the game.
    But if you have suggestion, please tell me.
    Once I'm finished with the PCs, and maybe some NPCs if you think it can help, I will post a zip of my campaign folder.
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    After some convincing by Damned:
    Here's a character sheet for the Cortex System that the SerenityRPG uses(this is not the new Cortex+ system).

    Video explaining the sheet:
    EDIT: I was clicking the wrong button on the -1dx, so ignore that part of the video >___>

    The sheet:

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    Character sheet for Ubiquity, All For One Regime Diabolique

    AOF Char Sheet.jpg


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    Scour the frozen ruins!

    A way to play Frostgrave on Fantasy Grounds. I would use one character sheet for the Wizard and one for the Apprentice with about four soldiers on the main tab of each but its up to you.
    Using the sheets should be fairly obvious to you if you know/have the rules. You can add additional rolls as necessary.

    Frostgrave Wizard-Apprentice Char Sheet.jpg
    Frostgrave Char Sheet Soldiers.jpg

    Character Sheet

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    Been running a few sessions of Wrath & Glory, dice built by Damned (Thanks man!!). Here is the working character sheet we use right now.

    Two character sheets, one is the base, the other is one of my players, so you can get an example of how it looks.

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