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    No the Init thing isnt something that MoreCore can do right now.
    My suggestion for a simple solution is to setup multiple /myinit rolls on the actor
    Something simple like:
    Init First Action
    /myinit (p1)

    Init Second Action
    /myinit (p1)

    Init Third Action
    /myinit (p1)

    After they finish their First Action they click Init Second Action and they will be repositioned in the CT.
    This will not work perfectly with the Next Actor button if they end up needing to act twice in a row so the player and GM will need to keep an eye on it.

    Also to not show a SUM in a roll the specific command is:

    rMessage.dicedisplay = 0;

    Search on that is various Rolls.

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    Hey Damned !

    Great idea for the initiative rolls ! I’m digging up the code and I’ll try to come up with something that works. I have to rewatch some of your videos

    Thanks for your help again, I’ll let you know if I make progress and maybe post the character sheet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draykor View Post
    Hi all!

    Anybody know if there is a Star Wars D6 sheet out there? I did see the ruleset, is there a way to transfer the sheet from that ruleset to MoreCore?
    I am also interested

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    See attached Character Sheet for Unisystem in MoreCore. Comment welcome if I've missed anything.

    This will work in both Cinematic and Classic. If anyone has any questions about how we run the sheet or it needs further remarks, just hit me up.

    We have used this with Conspiracy X, AFMBE, Witchcraft and other Unisystem games. Should also work for Buffy and Angel with some allowance for the cinematic mechanics.

    The central mechanic is to build up your roll by pressing modifiers (Stat+Ability+Whatever) then clicky on the Roll Skill Check button to work the Unisystem magic (uses Damned exploding die rolls).

    There are currently 3 damage roll types on the sheet. One is the /AFMBE roll, which allows for a basic die plus multiplier that applies against the targets wounds.
    The second is a fully featured /die roll, which allows for a full unisystem (#d#+#)*# roll, taking into account damage success modifers and the unisystem damage dice multiplier.
    The third roll, /unisystemdmg, checks the target's defence and makes a roll against that defence, applying any additional damage to the targets wounds.

    We're still ironing out some kinks, and some manual adjustments are needed (for e.g. bullet damage is not doubled, armour is currently a flat number etc) but we've found it workable enough to get some solid unisystem action going.

    If you have any questions I'm happy to help although I have been learning through breaking things so far!

    I have a hodge podge extension I use but it needs some work; I will update this post once I have something more robust.

    I have attached an indicative link to what our character sheet currently looks like for reference but note that I haven't included the extension yet as it is not complete but consider the image as an indicator of what to expect. It also uses others' work until such time as I can customise it more myself.


    THANKs to **damned** for the dice rolls.

    (cross post from here):
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    Cyberpunk RED

    Welp, I've been dinking around with this for a day or so, and will continue to improve it. Here's the skills and basic first page for CyberpunkRED, however!

    To do:
    - If possible, figure out derivations for Humanity, Body/Hit points, Severe Wound modifiers, and a few other things that are a bit deeper.

    - Cyberware tracking, armor mod and value captures. The latter aren't linked in to combat skills yet - that's a bit more complicated than I can parse at 2AM. Will work on that in the future.
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