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    In hind sight, I think that my first attempt at running a FG game was a little to large in scope. And it was plagued by other set backs. My connection was to slow, and I was still getting settled into my new duty station and had to deal with all the scheduling changes involved with that. The game is currently at a stand still in the middle of the first adventure of a very long campaign. I hope that it continues, but this post will be my effort to feel out interest in other games just in case.

    First let me say that my connection and scheduling issues have been resolved to my satisfaction. And let me again apologize to the players in the other game. I am completely responsible for the fizzle that it currently is.

    Games I am interested in running. (If I do indeed decide to run one of these, it will be a direct result of the interest shown.)

    D20 Modern

    Future game where the entire earth is covered by one monster, multi layered city and the pride of humanity is now known as the slums of the galaxy. Gybernetics, implants, designer drugs, aliens.

    StarWars like game with a little less high fantasy feel and a little more grit. The decadence of the civilized races has finally brought their galactic empire crashing down, and the inheritors of this ruin must find a way to survive and thrive.

    D&D 3.5

    Ebberon. The adventure arc published by wizards of the coast. Starting with the forgotten forge and ending with grasp of the emerald claw.

    Call of Cthulhu

    Nocturnum (enough said)

    Let me know what you think and if you are interested.

    also, i am at gmt -6

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    Hi Tambryn
    Sorry to hear about your campaign.

    Im very new to FG (still find my way around the interface) and havent roleplayed for..... well, a loooong time.

    I would love to play CoC with FG, but unless it was at the weekend, I doubt if we could hook up. My timezone is GMT0.

    Dont suppose theres a ruleset for CoC? - Too much to hope.


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    There's no ruleset that I'm aware of for the "original" version of CoC, tho there might be one for the d20 Version.

    Also Tambryn - sorry to hear your campaign fell through, as with live games, smaller tends to be best until you feel comfortable with the program

    Good luck! I'd join in, but me too tied up in my own d20 Modern setting to play in anything right now...

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    and if I did run the CoC game it would be d20, and I would use a d20 modern ruleset.


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    Or maybe a D&D 3.5 game making use of the optional rules from the Frostburn supplement. Where the environment is often as much or more a threat than monsters.


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    thanks for nthe email on the end of the other game i put some time into that char, what a waste of my time

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    I had never indicated that the game was over, only that if it was I would look into starting another, hence this thread. Sorry.


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