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    LFP Starfinder July 3, 3 PM GMT

    FG License: Ultimate License
    Game System: Starfinder

    Time Zone: GMT
    Day of week and time: Tuesday, 3 PM GMT
    Planned start date: July 3
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3 - 5 hrs
    Term: One-shot

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Teamspeak

    Number of Players needed: 2 - 4 more players

    Details of your scenario: Either Into the Unknown, Rude Awakening, or Skitter Shot (I haven't decided which yet)

    The first half hour or so will be an introduction to the game/system for those who may be new to either Starfinder, Fantasy Grounds, or both. I have most of the Starfinder FG material.

    (I will be a player in this game and am posting for the GM. Hey, whatever it takes to get in a game, right? )

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    Still looking for players? New to starfinder and fg veteran pathfinder and 3.5 dnd

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    It is Organized Play (so less leeway for players and GMs, details here) but you might want to take a look in the Starfinder Society thread.

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    What is Starfinder?

    I am a NOOB LOL

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    Basically Pathfinder in space.

    Paizo link.

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    Is this full?

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    Basically it has morphed into the regular SFS games linked above.

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