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    [FG Daze] 3 Day, 5 session Run of my PF conversion of Sega's Shining Force

    Canceled due to lack of response enough to warrant running. Have fun this weekend folks.
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    Scheduling can be hit or miss. Thanks for posting a game, and hope to see you next time!

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    Hey mate.
    Im sorry - I missed this when you first posted.
    If you are running something other than 5E (and even when running 5E) you are much better off posting a specific session time and duration.
    Leaving it wide open on most things usually turns out to garner less interest than setting a specific time.
    Also things that are somewhat other than 5E do take a little longer to round up interested parties.
    Not always but often.
    We had Esoterrorists, Conan, Savage Suzerain and Pulp Action as well as some more standard D&D.
    Ping me before the next one and we will try work out a plan to drum up some players.

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    Were the above to me? If so: I was offering 5 sessions, not a choose among 5 times. IE: I offered up 36 hours of DM'ing back to back across 3 days of successive pick up games where the folks coming in the session after the last picked up where the folks prior left off. Where I just leveled and uploaded the pre-mades and let them enjoy things. 350+ views across 5 days and 2 "maybe" with 1 "will be there" and none of them in the same time slot made me just redistribute my time. I won't have anything to do with Hasbro/Wotc so not a 5e thing, but *shrug* I run what I feel like, and not everyone is on board.

    It's cool, I don't run cookie cutter stuff, I very rarely run premades, I run my own thing and occasionally when pressed for time (I'm moving), I have something like this prepared. I thought to offer it, but folks weren't interested. It happens. So in the event folks aren't interested, I find something else to do, no harm, no foul. It's cool.

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