I am looking for one or two players for my running campaign - The Spider of Cormanthor. Unfortunately, our cleric player quit (or disappeared without a word, actually :/) the game and the party is in need of a good healer. We could also use a warrior type (Fighter or Paladin), because the only fighter we have is a monk and he gets hurt badly with his AC of 15.
The campaign itself is set in the Forgotten Realms setting (Faerun), using D&D 3.5 rules.

We are all European players and prefer people from GMT to GMT+2 timezone range. I am looking for reliable players, if you want to play just a few sessions, don't message me, don't waste our time, don't ruin our game.

As for the adventure itself, it takes place in the region called The Vast, located on the northern shore of the Sea of Fallen Stars, east of Dragon Reach. So far, our heroes have been trapped in town of Maerstar, along with it's citizens and visitors, under some kind of magical dome, which let people and objects only one-way - IN. And to cap it all, there was a goblin army hiding in the nearby woods, preparing to assault the town. After taking some time to solve some puzzles and figuring how to get out of the trap, PCs traveled to Procampur, to ask thultyrl Rendeth himself to lend them some of his soldiers and aid them in repelling the goblin attack. Our heroes have just arrived at Maerstar again, only to find that the assault has already begun. They got snored in a chaotic battle on the streets, with blood, clumsy creatures, burning buildings and dancing death everywhere. There were many travellers trapped as well on that time, will some of them come to aid our brave heroes..?

It is a weekend game, we usually play on Saturday evenings. The campaign is rather RP heavy. If you feel like joining, send me a private message.