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    Quote Originally Posted by mattekure View Post
    When you follow the link, it takes you to the github. There is a green button that says "Clone or download". Click that and select download zip.
    Thank you i will check that out when i get home

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    For those curious, I won't be adding or fixing any minor bugs for AK as AK 2.0 is in the works. Major ones I'll address but I believe they're stamped out.

    AK 2.0 is a few months out as I'm doing it in fractions of my spare time along with my other interests, but here's a minor spoiler.

    I normally don't share private stuff, but I really need panel datasources and subwindow custom datasources for it to work properly. Currently my hacking around this is delaying progress. If I get panel datasources and subwindow datasources, I can get AK 2.0 within the year probably, else it'll be a long wait for unity.

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    That looks very cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    That looks very cool.
    Yes it does!
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    Hell yeah.. that looks freaking awesome!

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    That looks pretty amazing, Ken. I assume it incorporates all of the features from AK 1 as well?
    Fantasy Grounds Unity may be official now, but its release may take a while yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Three of Swords View Post
    I assume it incorporates all of the features from AK 1 as well?
    Most, the biggest change will be the integrated background map as well as CT and combat-snapping changes. The green and blue underlays are replaced with widgets that form a target-like reticle around the tokens.

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    I've updated the main posting with regards to the now confirmed non-support of maps/images that come from modules. I ran out of space on the first posting so I placed this warning in trouble shooting.

    Pings / maptokens / effect applications through mini and large effect windows will fail. I know where the issues is, but the fix would slow down processing to unacceptable values dependent on how many 'modules' are loaded in the campaign.

    In that sense AK is geared for home-brew content. Beastiary modules however will work, but any module maps will have issues.

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    Out of curiosity, what is different about a map from a module that causes the failure (top level)?

    I routinely make a “module” of an adventure for my campaign and then import it into my campaign and play it. When we are done, I unload that module. It can be “home brew”, but that is the suggested way to use the program so I do that.

    Does the extension only work if the images are native in the folder where the campaign is?
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    I don't like to use maps in modules anyways.. There are no thumbnails and it works better for me to just pick a map from a folder and drag it into FG.
    What did you do to draw the image in the background? Why not just fake it with the actual map window and put it in the back+immoveable?

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