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    [FGDaze] The Abduction of Good King Despot (Gary Gygax Presents) Part 1 & Part 2

    [FGDaze] The Abduction of Good King Despot (Gary Gygax Presents)
    FG License: Ultimate (DM)
    Game System: 5e

    Time Zone: US Central Time (UTC-6)
    DATE: 23-JUN-2018
    Day of week and time: Part 1:: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM CDT. Part 2:: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    Planned Duration: 4 hours per session- Two Sessions (Part 1 and Part 2)
    Term: 1-SHOT or 2-SHOT (Sign up for either session OR both - that's up to you!)

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: DISCORD (Have a working headset w/ mic)
    https://discord.gg/aNsZfQa (Invite to discord channel)
    Puzzle/Roleplay/Combat mix: 20/30/50
    Number of Players in game & needed: 4-6
    Character starting level & equipment: Pregens Provided (select from 8, LEVEL 5)
    Character restrictions: Pregens (select from below when applying)
    Newbie Friendly: Yes! This would be a great place to learn the ropes.

    The Adventure:
    Can you rescue Good King Despot? The good king has been abducted! The kingdom has lost its benign, honest and charitable rules (at least that’s what he said and the dubious, tax-crippled citizens found ti prudent to at agree). Despot’s good queen cannot be consoled, though she tries very hard to find comfort. At last, the truth emerges: the good king is being held in the magical prison of the arch-fiend Ignax. And a party of brave adventurers will, of course, get the unenviable task of digging him out – perhaps literally.

    The Adventure Backstory:
    After Gygax left TRS he wrote for New Infinities which produced several modules. This was reportedly the one he would carry with him anytime he thought he might get a chance to DM a game. It’s one of the most infamous ‘escape dungeon’ adventures around – and very collectable. I have two, one I play with and other in a plastic container. I’ve converted one into a FG module and am happy to run it for you.

    This is an OLD SCHOOL adventure so if you are looking for full dungeon ecologies and modern art, etc. move on. This isn’t for you. If you’d like to take a trip back in time when dungeons were meant to be fun and deadly; or if you’ve been playing for a long time and would like to spend a nostalgic evening harkening back to a earlier time in RPG-history… than this is for you!

    The PRE-GENS (The Original Cast)

    Augustus - Is Despot's son and a bit of a bigot. Determined from an early age to seek the One True Way, he soon made a career out of persuading others to do so (with their permission or against their will - he didn't care). For this reason, he was banished to a neighboring kingdom some years ago. Despite his obnoxious and arrogant manner, however, he is a skilled fighter, particularly strong and agile, with a compelling stare and beady eyes.

    Thorax - Thorax was extracted from the nearby coal pits to join this mission because of this great strength, his great skill with the way hammer and the fact that he had managed to retain seven of his fingers. A gruff soul, he was extremely sensitive about his statue (unthinking remarks about which could cause him to fly into a vitriolic rage), but a doughty fighter and brave adventurer. Thorax is armed with a magical warhammer that would return to his hand after being thrown. He also wears a ring that protects him from fire.

    Grud Mudhovel - Grud is a diminutive and grubby creature best known for his skill at extracting other's possessions from their pockets. His good friend Caligula "Cali" dragged him up from a dirty slum in an obscure corner of the kingdom to participate in this rescue. The priestess hoped that Grud might though association with companions of higher thought, mend his ways. (He didn't.) Grud is armed with a magical sword that was particularly effective against giants.

    Devious Rex - Devious is a sorcerer of no mean skill. He is powerful enough to assist the party without running the risk of disrupting the magical balance. A quiet, somewhat sinister figure, he often thought (with good reason) to be less of a team player and more of a selfish go-getter. Devious is also very fond of the ladies. Amongst his possessions were things that let him fly and change petrified creatures back to flesh again.

    Caligula "Cali" - [Was originally a male character (1988).] A powerful patriarch, urbane and rather pompous individual, seeming older than her years but has a kindly disposition. At some time in her past, she had formed a friendship with Grund, and there were many who scratched their head about this improbable association. However, the fact remains that Grud would never steal from Cali.
    The priestess has been known to carry two small golden statues that would be conjured into full grown beasts that would fight on her behalf.

    Nonon - is a warrior, though how he ever survived to advance in his profession is a complete mystery. An illiterate itinerant, Nonon joined the party hoping for easy treasure and quick advancement (and perhaps because he was too stupid to refuse). He speaks slowly and with an extremely restricted vocabulary - in fact, his only claim to fame in the brain department was that he has learned to spell his own name in both ways - frontwards and backwards. Improbably, Nonon has managed to acquire, over the years, a veritable arsenal of magical items, including an extremely powerful sword.

    Tinselwort "Tin Tin" - [Originally a male character in the 1988 version.] Tin Tin is an amiable elf. Though skilled in the magical (arts of war), she was no slouch when it came to fighting. (Tin Tin is one of the strongest members of the party, and extremely dexterous as well.) Slightly pedantic in manner and irritatingly immaculate in appearance at all times, Tinselwort's preoccupation with her coiffure often generated coarse and ribald remarks (which the elf, blushing, tried her best to ignore). Tinselwort was particularly skilled at firing the short bow. She usually used magical arrows, for she had amassed an enviable collection of these.

    Hash "Has" Hassan - [Originally a male character in 1988 version.] An Assassin by trade but masquerading as a fighter. A swarthy personality, sporting a single gold earring in her left ear, she joined the party hoping that she would have a chance to dispose of old Ignax herself - a fillip without parallel for her reputation. Lacking this opportunity, she would have settle for Augustus, but so far as she was concerned, no one else in the party was worth assassinating. (Hassan had reached the point where she chose her targets on the basis of prestige rather than profit.) Maybe the reason Hassan had survived so long was her magical sword had the power to [steal life from her targets.] One might also expect her to have been liberally equipped with phials of arsenic, belladonna and numerous other poisons, and one would not have been wrong.


    This will be a 6-8 hour delve in the "old school" style. There will be fun and there will be death... but mostly fun. You can sign up for Part 1 (only), Part 2 (only) or both! It's totally up to you. Part 2 will be a continuation (hopefully a successful one) of Part 1 - ending with the death of the party or the rescue of The Good King Despot.

    To Apply

    Reply to this post with your interest
    Choose a character from the list above.
    Visit the calendar entry, apply there with the desired character.

    Part 1 Calendar Entry:

    Part 2 Calendar Entry:

    Please remember... if you are going hard core and wanting to play through the whole adventure (Gary would be proud!), you need to sign up for both Part 1 and Part 2!!
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    I am interested in participating in Part 1 as Augustus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dondoepke View Post
    I am interested in participating in Part 1 as Augustus.
    Awesome.... Your Augustus! I've updated the calendar request with your approval for Part 1.

    See you soon!

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    Interested in part 1 for sure, not certain about part 2. Nonon is my pick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevlyn View Post
    Interested in part 1 for sure, not certain about part 2. Nonon is my pick!
    Awesome... Nonon is a lock for you!

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    @Bazzybazz:: Awesome to have you aboard. I got "Cali" (the Cleric) locked down for you on the games.
    Let me know if you decide to change that up or have any questions!
    Take care! - Savoy

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    Signed up for both parts as Devious Rex. I'm a girl but love the sorcerer class.

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    Hey Savoylen, just signed up for both days as Grud. Looking forward to it.
    Ultimate License

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    Quote Originally Posted by CountryCricket74 View Post
    Signed up for both parts as Devious Rex. I'm a girl but love the sorcerer class.
    Fantastic! We can tweak that character if you like of course - Devious Roxky?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahoggya View Post
    Hey Savoylen, just signed up for both days as Grud. Looking forward to it.
    Most excellent! I'll lock you down... see you soon!!
    - Savy

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