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    Kingmaker Series

    I'm looking for any information on the Kingmaker series out there. Does anyone have any experience with playing these modules?

    Thanks in advance.

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    They are generally classed as one of the better Paizo Adventure Paths - they mix sandbox wilderness exploration with kingdom building - with the tone of the adventure changing from grass roots exploration to building a small settlement, to managing a growing country with external and internal pressure - including mass combat. As the AP develops, the group (GM and players) will be able to decide on which things they like the most about kingdom building and management, and which they don't like so much - and can concentrate on the stuff you like, while glossing over the stuff you don't.

    There are also quite a few tools out there to help you manage the settlements/country - spreadsheets, etc..

    I played it up to the middle of book 4, but then real-life pressures on the GM and a couple of players meant we stopped playing. Everyone had really enjoyed playing to that point.

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    I played through and am currently running Kingmaker and echo Trenloe's comments above. Its definately one of the better APs. It does reward buy in by the players.

    There is a good program you can get that automates most of the work that I am using to mitigate a large amount of the work on the GM side.


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