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    Paul Grosse
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    I can't figure this out at all. I have looked up tutorials. I have watched Youtube videos for "easy" guides to port forwarding. It is a nightmare, and I am just not going to even try Fantasy Grounds remotely. I'll just use it at the table. It's not worth the confusion and opening up multiple tabs in my internet browser while people try to explain how "easy" it is. It's not. At all.

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    Hey Milke,

    I'm not a big IT person so I know what you mean, the chaps on here do try to help and I had one of them offer to get on comms and do a remote takeover, with it's pros and cons.

    I did give LogMeIn Hamachi a go and it it worked fine for me, it wasn't too awkward to set up.

    If not, maybe FG Unity will sort out some of these issues.

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