I think that most of you know of Candlekeep, the portal held by Forgotten Realms fans. They have a links & webrings page (follow the menu on the left), which contains several banners related to FR, D&D and RPGs (also computer games). The portal is quite popular and has been run for over seven years now (since March 1999). If we are to advertise our favourite tabletop gaming application, we should request the webmaster of that website to post FG banner on his site.

I am not an artist at all and can't make the banner (or it would be so ugly, that instead of spurring people to visit us and perhaps even buy the software, it would discourage them ).

If anyone would be willing to make such banner, I can contact Candlekeep holder and make him add it to his website. Or do it yourself, if you wish.

What do you think?

(and why are we advertising this for SmiteWorks? :P)