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    2 PC Party

    Hey All,

    Recently our playgroup has eroded down from 4 regular players to 2. (Mostly attributable to the time sinkhole called World of Warcraft...)

    Anways, there are 3 of us that are pretty reliable so we're going to try to run a new campaign with just us. However, we didn't want to run 2 characters each, and we also didn't want to have to crank all the encounters downward.

    So what we're going to try is making "true" duel character classes. They'll be a composite of two characters, with the starting HP/feats/class abilities/skill points of both classes. Attribute bonuses will only be applied once to skills and HP.

    BAB, Saves and that sort of thing will also stack. In combat, the characters will also get one additional standard action per round, but you can't use abilities/spells from more than one class per round. Ie, a monk/cleric can't cast cure light wounds twice in a round.

    The whole idea is that the DM can send the same encounters against the two characters as he could against a 4-man party and the two characters will be functionally about the same.

    Anyways, we're going to give it a try - we'll let you know how it works. If any of you have tried something similar, feel free to add your thoughts.

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    Sounds interesting. However, keep in mind that even getting to go twice a round is not the same as having the extra characters. As Stalin said: "Quantity has a quality all its own."

    Keep us updated.

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    Thanks for that link, rich. It's another interesting angle but I don't think it yanks the power level up close enough to a 4-man group without a lot of tinkering on the DM's side of things.

    I'm thinking of creating a druid for one half of my character - the animal companion will help protect against flanking/AOO which we know is going to be trouble with a party of 2.

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