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    13 True Ways

    Are there currently plans to support additional content such as 13 True Ways/The Book of Demons/etc., or is that on the back burner for a while in favor of other projects? I'm currently in the progress of manually adding some of the additional class data for my players, but I'd still gladly buy a proper module should one be made in the future.

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    I believe that there are such plans - at this point in time it is not I who may be doing the work (too many other "real-life" things on my plate), but I know the subject has been raised.

    It might be an opportunity for someone to put up their hand and do the work (& earn the rewards, as well) - talk to Doug and John about it if anyone's interested.

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    I'm working on a module with the class info from 13 True Ways currently. I'm only doing what I need for my party ATM though, but perhaps I can run what I make by someone higher up and see if there'd be interest in fleshing it out farther (either from me or allowing someone else to use it as a base).

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    Any update on this? Will FG be doing 13 True Ways? Bestiary 2? Other supplements, etc?

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    Please release 13 True Ways

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