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    Tuesday Night D&D game openings

    I have an opening in my Tuesday night game. Typically runs from 8 to 11 Central, 2 or three times a month. The party is currently hitting 3rd level. I will drop new players in at 2500 exp. with 2500 gold to spend on equipping the character (no single item over 1500). I use a 29 point buy system.

    The game is based in Sylnae. It is a home brew of snikle (one of the guys who owns Four Ugly Monsters). You can check it out at Sylnae.net. It is pretty much standard D&D without elves as a playable race, though they are in the world and the standard elven (called Sidhee in-game) magical items are out there. Dwarves are called Ghim and halflings are Hobbins. No gnomes, no half-breeds. Also there is a playable race of minotaurs called Kiskovians.

    I do not use voice. The game was originally heavily hack&slash but the player base is shifting toward more role play, though I will rarely go a full session without significant combat.

    Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you have any questions.


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    Might, just might be interested with Samus, let me run it by him and see.

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