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Thread: 13A Bug Reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    Thanks for reporting. I just pushed a hot fix that I think should address this. Please run a new Check for Updates, and try again.

    Thank you!! It seems to be working perfectly now.

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    FGU update caused theme issues for 13th Age

    Hey there, it looks like one of the recent updates to FGU caused a few layout issues for the default theme for 13th Age. A player noticed the UI issues on their computer before I updated mine so I took some before and after screenshots.
    Prior to update:
    After update:

    The issues we've noticed if that the right-hand sidebar doesn't have a background. The reddish banner on the right doesn't extend farther than the buttons when they're maximized.
    The numbers on the hotkeys don't line up with the hotkey sections any more. The text box in the chat bar doesn't line up with the darker recess at the bottom.


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    I've just pushed a hot fix to the 13A theme to add a matching shortcuts bar to the theme. Please run a new Check for Updates.


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    Add Encounter button not functioning

    Thanks! That side bar background is a lifesaver.

    Today when we were playing we found the "Add encounter to Combat Tracker" button on Encounters isn't working. I tested with the included encounters in the "Blood & Lightning" module and those ones weren't working, either. There aren't any errors generated, the button just clicks and nothing happens.
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    Thanks for the report. I have a fix queued up for release by Tuesday (if I don't end up needing to hot fix something in Core sooner).


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    The Health Bar in 13th Age is appearing on top of the Mook numbering icon.

    We were working around this using the Bar Hover option, but that option doesn't seem to be available any more after this latest update.
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    This should be fixed with the FGU v4.4.9 main application update.


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