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Thread: 13A Bug Reports

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    Oop! Wrong thread ><
    Disregard me

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    To add to my previous post: I found that items in the Icons tab behave like the items in the Abilities tab now and only accept dragged and dropped Powers. This functionality works well enough, it's just that the New (+) buttons on those sections throw me for a loop since Players can't add any of their own text in any of those sections. I think if the New (+) buttons for those sections led to the creation of a new Power for that section that a player could create/edit the functionality would work perfectly.

    If players will never have the functionality of creating Powers for either just themselves or for the DB, then I think the sheets would be improved by the removal of those New (+) buttons and removal of the functionality to create a new item by hitting the Enter key on a line in those sections would also improve the experience.

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    Just fixed a hot fix for the issues you reported. Let me know if you see more.
    • [13A] Character ability/icon sub-records not able to be edited. Fixed.
    • [13A] Character sheet Inventory Treasure section not drawing correctly. Fixed.
    • [13A] Character sheet Notes sections not drawing correctly. Fixed.


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    Thanks very much for the quick fix Moon Wizard! I appreciate the support for the less-than-popular module.

    I found today that the Info tab disappeared from NPCs. The previously hosted single page-wide formatted text field. I took a look at the module my partner and I wrote to find where that text used to be contained.
    Screenshot 2024-03-22 175643.png

    The info tab was on the sidebar here on NPC sheets:
    Screenshot 2024-03-22 Missing Tab.png

    I found that the textboxes on character sheet abilities/powers/etc that was recently restored also doesn't support formatted text and I was wondering if it was possible for that field to be changed to a formatted text field:
    Screenshot 2024-03-22 Formatted Text.png

    Thanks again,

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    I can add the Notes/Info tab back to the sheet pretty easily in the next ruleset update.

    For the other boxes, there is no way to change those to formatted text fields easily, since that would cause errors/issues with all older data.


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    This change is now available. Please run a new Check for Updates to get it.


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    Thanks very much! Notes we've added to NPCs are showing up now

    This week I noticed that the tab for Icons on the Party Sheet isn't populated for the GM/Host.
    Screenshot 2024-03-29 Icons.png
    In this picture I have the Archmage icon on the player's character sheet with all three of their points assigned and having scored a 6, but they don't show up in the Party Sheet Icon's tab. Closing and reopening both windows don't correct the issue.

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    Just pushed a fix for the counts not linking/showing in the party sheet. Please run a new Check for Updates, and check again.


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