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Thread: 13A Bug Reports

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    The 13th Age Core Rulebook conversion is lacking the Index & Glossary section. Usually not a big deal, but in this case the 13th Age rulesystem refers to definitions like ‚daily‘ to this secton, explaining lots of stuff, which cannot be found elsewhere. I‘d appreciate if this section could be added.
    I found out, because I run an Intro session for my players being new to 13th Age, explaining some terms and definitions unique for this ruleset to them, and I couldn‘t find this section.

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    Release Updates on February 5th, 2019
    The following products have been updated:
    13th Age Ruleset
    [Fixed] Various bugs

    Any idea which bugs have been fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Targas View Post
    Release Updates on February 5th, 2019
    The following products have been updated:
    13th Age Ruleset
    [Fixed] Various bugs

    Any idea which bugs have been fixed?
    No idea - as I said previously, I sent the last set of updated files (at least I think they were the last set) to SW minutes before I wrote Post #52 (Nov 21st?). The updates released yesterday might have been them, but once we send in updated files its up to the SW staff to get them integrated into the FG Updater.

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    I din‘t know why, but in our last session we had a combat, where weapon damage was applied with 2 dice, instead of one die, and the damage was prefixed withna keyword ‚Focus 1,2D‘. I have no clue where this come from. In addition some players were unable to target enemies by normal means. Even by doing so, the target was not identified and they had to manually drag attack and damage die to the combat tracker entry of the foe.

    I remember I had this last issue 4-5 years ago playing C&C, but I‘ve never had this since then.

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    It looks like something specific to the 13A rules that got set up on the PC; but I don't know the system at all. Hopefully, Dulux-Oz or one of the other people who play 13A can help clarify.


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    The strange thing is, 13th Age does not have a Feat/Talent/Skill called Focus to my knowledge. For damage it rolls 2 dice, adds the attribute bonus. So after the damage is applied I had to remove the second rolled die from the foe‘s total HP in the combat tracker, every time. We even removed the existing weapon and drag/dropped it again from the reference manual without success. Maybe it‘s something from the 4th Edition Ruleset?

    The non targeting was annoying as well.

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