This is a thread that will help people to find community produced extensions for their 13A games.

If you have developed an extension (or know of one that has been developed), please post here with a link to where it can be found. Only freely distributable material please - OGL, creative commons, etc. No copyright material will be listed here.

Instructions on how to install an extension here:

The following are extensions compatible with 13A:

Extensions written for CoreRPG should also work, they are available here: But check the thread for each individual extension to see if there are any specific ruleset limitations.

Please post comments on individual extensions in the specific extension thread (linked above) - please keep this thread for info on new/updated extensions. Thanks!

Developers - you're welcome to look at the code in these extensions as examples of how to develop your own extensions. If you want to use the code, please be polite and get in touch with the developer who made the extension and ask permission to use their code (send them a PM and post in the relevant extension thread). Some developers may no longer be active in the community, give the dev a couple of weeks to respond and if they don't respond you have done the polite thing and should be able to use their code (as long as the extension does not specifically say you can't). If you do use other people's code please mention them in the extension - it's only fair to give credit where credit is due.

Extension developers who don't want other people to use their code should say so in their extension.