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    Tripwire (The Third Imperium) (Mongoose Publishing)

    Evening All,

    Since the release of the Mongoose Traveller ruleset I've been working on adding some official content. Mongoose Publishing (rightly) want me to focus on new content only (ie New Traveller) but I persuaded them for me to convert this as I think it's a right rollicking book.

    Here's the book on DTRPG

    Now I've finished it. It requires v1.0.6. of the ruleset (to be sent over the weekend), once that is released I'll send this over.

    You can find some pictures of it in my Dropbox folder here.

    It's a monster of a book, weighs in at 90 pages, and is a whirlwind tour of the Jeweller Subsector (Spinward Marches), which in my experience allows the GM to add more 'adventure' around some of the loose hooks on some of the planets. The FG module adds NPC's, new Equipment, Worlds Data and a lot of Story entries...

    I'm going to ask if I can also do the Source Book Spinward Marches, but I suspect the pressure will be to complete the 2nd Edition Core Rulebook/Ruleset, we shall see.


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    Tripwire is done. I've added into 1.0.6. the ability for you to create new Alien races. Means I could create the Chokari.

    It'll be sent to FG in about an hour, along with 1.0.6.

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    We can't buy Tripwire from the FG store yet, can we?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baron Von Mandrick View Post
    We can't buy Tripwire from the FG store yet, can we?
    It's not there (yet). New products are usually released on Tuesday - if they have been approved and are in the release schedule. So, depending on a lot of factors we're not aware of, this may be this week, next week, or...

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    The Pirates of Drinax would be another awesome one to do.

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    So I purchased Tripwire a bit ago and just recently got a chance to look through it. One thing I noticed is that there really aren't a lot in the way of playable battle maps. I was hoping someone might have a suggestion on where I might procure maps that might work with this adventure. I can probably run it without maps but it seems like it would be more fun with FG to play with maps.

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    Here are some basic maps I made for my Tripwire game
    City Block 2.jpgCity Block.jpgCombat Map.jpgHotel 2.jpgBar.jpg

    I have more if your interested drop me a message & I'll send you a zip file
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    Great, thank you. I really liked the air rafts outside the bar.

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    Currently Running Traveller, 5E Icewind Dale & 5E Curse of Strahd

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    If anyone is really good at making maps, I'd love to get some done to give away with the ruleset.

    Even the latest products are all theatre of the mind, so maps are a bit thin on the ground. Shame I don't have the skills to make maps. I'd love to.

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