Digital Adventures, who brought you the Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved Fantasy Grounds ruleset, now gives you three more conversions for free to use with the Arcana Evolved Ruleset! The Giant's Map, The Test of Time, and The Severed Oath are now all available for free on the Digital Adventures website.

The Giant’s Map by Mike Mearls is a short adventure designed for use with Ruins of Intrigue from Malhavoc Press. It is written for a party of four 2nd-level adventurers. While it is set within the ruined city of Serathis, you can adapt it to any urban area of the Diamond Throne setting or any other Arcana Evolved or d20 System fantasy campaign.

The Test of Time is a very short scenario designed to start off an Arcana Evolved campaign and bring all the player characters (PCs) together. It is designed for 1st-level characters who do not know each other and just happen to be in the right place at the right time-or, perhaps, the wrong place at the wrong time.

In The Severed Oath the village of Belleron lies west of the Harrowdeep and east of the Bitter Peaks. When the giants warred with the dramojh, they fought a great battle near the village. Many heroes among the giants fell in the struggle, and they were buried in stone barrows nearby. The villagers of Belleron, overjoyed at their liberation, swore an oath to watch over these graves and let none disturb them.

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