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    Importing local addon-influenced PC into someone else's campaign?

    Using Tribality's Alchemist add-on as an example for a general question about local PCs that had addons involved in their creation:

    If I made a local PC using Alchemist, am I correct to think that I could not import it into someone else's campaign unless that DM also had a license for Alchemist?

    EDIT: Hmm, never mind. That DM would have to have Alchemist and also have it enabled for whatever particular campaign, right? Otherwise they would be missing some tables and other info. Plus, it would be up to the DM whether that class existed in their milieu.
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    It depends on what data is available for this class, how it's stored in the FG character sheet, etc.. That can depend on what ruleset is being used.

    In general, things like spells, items, actions, etc. are copied to the PC sheet when they are added. Depending on the ruleset, things like race, background, class, may or may not be copied - the data may just be linked to the original data module. So, without that data module, others wouldn't be able to read the data.

    As an example: in the D&D 5E ruleset, the following is a link to the original data source: race, background and class.
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    Trenloe, thanks for your reply and clarification!

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