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    Quote Originally Posted by Catalyst20XX View Post
    I have recognized the same exact issue. I would like to add that player tokens on the combat map move EXTREMELY slowly on host and client machines when I accept their move, if I have multiple text windows open simultaneously. I close the story windows and it moves quickly and smooth as butter. Definitely related to text display somehow. I'm using a 12 point font and Hero Points extensions, and rob2e's class/feat/race/spell effects modules. I haven't tried it without the extensions, but based on OP's comments I doubt they are affecting anything.
    I've noticed this too, but hadn't linked the two issues in my mind. It could very well be the same root cause. It'd be great if we can solve that at the same time!

    The dice are also quite choppy when there's basically any window open (not just something with a bunch of text). I don't really use the dice often (real dice instead since I mostly play in person) so it never really bothered me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by notrealdan View Post
    Do you have or know of such an extension I could try? I'd be happy to give it a shot.

    i dont know if i attached this correctly or not. but its the same font shown in the picture. but i am not sure if it is widely legal to distribute. so many fonts, cant remember which are free and which are paid for since Windows stores all fonts in one place.. hard to sort.

    when in doubt just replace that with any other TTF font you wish to try and edit the XML to the new font.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    but I do know that fonts have to be converted into an FG font which I think is a bitmap rather than a vector (i.e. no longer a TTF or similar).
    Quote Originally Posted by shadzar View Post
    well this isn't true since June 8th, 2014
    @Shadzar - you didn't understand/digest the full details/context of LordEntrails post. Whereas, yes, TTF fonts have been support for a while now, LE said "fonts have to be converted into an FG font which I think is a bitmap ... (i.e. no longer a TTF or similar)" The key things here are "convert" and "no longer a TTF" - FG has to convert the TTF into the usual FGF bitmap format at runtime. So, you may be using a TTF font as an input, you're not actually using the TTF technology at runtime.

    This has been mentioned in a few place. One here: and also
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    then maybe that needs to be indicated here as one of those threads points, so that it isn't misleading?

    would be a nice idea to have all the info in one single place, and the wiki seems a good place for it.

    and the wiki doesn't even include the method that works from the code i posted above that was originally form 2014.

    so who knows how any of it really works then?

    why does the 2014 method work, but is not listed in the refdoc wiki?

    where is a working example in the refdoc wiki?

    <bold > ... </bold>
    do you just add that as an empty tag? do you put true inside it as a boolean? is that like the FGF where you are making a special bold version of the font and put the fontfile location and name in it like graphics/fonts/font_bold.ttf?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    @Shadzar - you didn't understand/digest the full details/context of LordEntrails post.
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    Trenloe is absolutely correct.

    The reason it's not documented is exactly because it's an experimental feature that never made it past that stage. While TTF is supported as an input format, we won't be using them as vector fonts until FGU.

    Also, related to the original post, formatted text fields are very performance intensive in the current Fantasy Grounds implementation. If you are suffering performance with several text fields open, you should keep them to a minimum. It should be much better in FGU.


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    I have a workaround!

    On the same machine, but booted into Linux instead of Windows, Fantasy Grounds (in Wine) performs very differently than I'm used to. There's no significant slow-down even with a full screen of story text. As a bonus, Fantasy Grounds launches and loads campaigns in a fraction of the time it does in Windows (about 8 seconds compared to 28 in Windows). Something about this setup is just more efficient somehow.

    Unfortunately, the same setup doesn't work so well on Linux inside a VirtualBox VM. There isn't a huge slow-down from text, but everything is much slower overall. I can't give Linux any of my internal disk space, so I have it running on a USB drive for now.

    I've heard of people using Wine libraries to help older DirectX-based games run properly in newer versions of Windows. It seems to work as an OpenGL wrapper for DirectX, so that it ends up being OpenGL that actually hits the GPU. Helpful in cases where the older DirectX is a problem. I wonder if something similar could be done here. I would not expect anything like that to be supported by SmiteWorks, naturally. I found some info about this here, but have no experience putting it into practice (nor do I take any responsibility if someone tries it and it breaks something!):

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    It seems to me the Wine libraries are the key here. However, Wine doesn't work in Windows, and implementing something like that wrapper is almost certainly more work than it’s worth. It's a hack at best. I’ll probably stick with Linux+Wine until FGU is available. It's easy for me since I'm very familiar with Linux and Wine already, and it's working quite well so far.

    Of course, if the SW devs eventually need someone with a system like mine to do some testing with FGU, I suppose I could make myself available...

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    Doing some testing, when I pull up an ability box with as much text as the story, it is only SLIGHTLY noticeable, but not nearly as much. I think it may have something to do with how the story window is rendered as well, not just the text, because it is far more noticeable with the story window than say an ability window, regardless of how much text there is.

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    It's the size of the window. When I resize the story window down to the same size as the ability box, jitteryness is greatly reduced. Text is a factor, but so is the size of the window. If you make the window smaller, it should be less noticeable.

    Edit: I'm still definitely getting a graphics card, but for those of you who can't (i.e. laptop), just resize the window, make it smaller. This should help.

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