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    Welcome! There are a lot of available one-shots to get your feet wet DMing. FG definitely makes the DM life easier! Definitely check out FG college, and feel free to post questions, the community is great for helping each other along!
    DM guide and PHB are DM essentials, add on MM and others as you progress (or they go on sale!)
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    Thank you, JohnD and Teufelhunde! One-shots sound like a good idea. I picked up one of Nerzugal's toolkits and some general how-to-GM items from RPGNow. Now it's study time.

    I really appreciate the welcomes and advice.

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    Welcome to the club, k410. You will not be anything but delighted. Have a blast! Check out the complete the bundle deal too, where you get a fairly enormous discount on remaining WotC materials if you make a big plunge.

    As a big PF fan, I have to say you might give that a look in the event you ever feel any nostalgia for the old D&D 3.5, as PF is kind of 3.5 on steroids. But whichever way you go, you won't go wrong.

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    I was checking Doug Davison's blog posts and found this, which might be helpful to other newcomers interested in the 5E manuals for FG:

    Thank you, Bidmaron! This seems like a really engaging and stimulating hobby.

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