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    Player Characters how do I create one with Players handbook?

    How do I create a player character? I have the one time license and the players handbook?

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    This wiki article shows you how in detail. Digital Dave just did a video yesterday but I don't have a link to that yet.
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    Dave doesn't have the video up on YouTube yet... I just checked.

    When he does, it will show up here:

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    Where are Character sheets in phb?

    I'm still lost, where are the character sheets? The wiki wasn't clear on this.

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    Let's start from the beginning;
    - Launch FG
    - Create New Campaign, select 5E D&D
    - Load your resources
    - - Library > Module
    - - - Select the sources you want to use to make the character, such as Players Handbook or 5E Basic Rules, load them
    - Click on the PC icon on the right bar
    - Click the edit icon
    - Click the green plus to create a new character

    Does that get you to the wiki entry for you?

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    There are a few videos in the Wiki. This one goes through the character creation process starting from the FG launch screen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nurEMR4JJeUCreating
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    Thanks got it! I found a good u tube video that helped too!

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    Personally, I'd recomend to join Discord server Fantasy Grounds College and take (or watch) class.
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    The FG User Manual also has a good rundown. The manual can be found on the HELP menu of the main FG site but here's a direct link.

    The walkthrough starts on pg 53.

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