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    Strange Hex Snapping for Tokens

    Hey folks. I am preparing for a overland hexcrawl campaign.

    I have a large map with no grid. I brought that into FG. I created a hex grid over the top of it. I have created a token module. I drag and drop a token onto the the map. It snaps to the edges of the hex. It doesn't allow me to snap to the middle. I turn off snapping and can place it in the middle, but as soon as I turn snapping back on, it goes to the edge.

    I don't mind doing that for the fixed locations that I place. However, the players will be moving their token as they explore the wilderness. I'd like to have it snap to the middle of the hex.

    Any guidance?

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    Make sure your hexes have an even pixel size. There is a bug when the pixel size of the hex is set to an odd number.

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    Wow. Thanks. That fixed it.

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