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    Facing Arrows Size Issue

    Hey guys,

    I'm having trouble with this facing arrows. I did notice that the size of the arrows changes automatically according to the size of the grid you choose. My maps work better with a 100pt grid, so I can get optmal size for Health bar and status icons.

    However, the facing arrow gets huge, spacially when I zoom out. If I choose a smaller grid the opposite occurs... The facing arrow gets optimal but the health bar and icons get too small. I tried to change the size of the map on gimp but no success so far. I also tried releasing to token scale and add to tokens again, but didn't work. I'm currently using the C&C ruleset (With no ext), but I've noticed this in other rulesets as well, such as 5e and SWD.

    Is the a way to unlink the size of the grid and the size of the facing arrow?


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    Unfortunately, no. It's part of the way that the current version of FG works. It's tied to the grid size.

    We're already replacing in FGU with an alternate calculation mechanism.


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    No there isn’t. If you use 100px grids you will see big arrows. The token names etc are tied to the token size and are also affected by map size. Where names are too small releasing token scale, locking token scale, deleting the token and putting them back in the map should solve that issue.
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    Thank you very much for the replies guys. I've solved the issue with the token names and disabled the facing arrows. I think that will do it while I wait for FGU.

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