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    How simple is this to run for a newbie GM? I like the sound of it :)

    It seems like a really good deal and most of my friends are into comic book heroes so it's a no brainer honestly. I do have GURPS supliments for Super powered heroes, but this might be easier to set up online I am thinking since I am still new to FG and Gming in general. Any opinions would be welcome.

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    I find it much easier than GURPS, it does take a little to get the hang of it but for a supers system it's not bad. Read over the rules a few times and don't be afraid to make a mistake. If something comes up, make a call and look up the rule afterwards. Supers can be hard since it encourages stunts more than something like D&D just by the nature of it being fashioned after comic book super heroes. Players are always trying to do some crazy stuff.

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    The system is fairly simple. It has it's roots in the d20 system, but has been heavily modified from there. Honestly the two more complicated parts are the construction of powers/abilities and the damage/effects system.

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    As DrakoDJ says it is fairly simple and the powers and damage/effects are the most complicated part.

    Also, for GMing, you have to take into account people who can get from one city to the next in the blink of an eye so if your bad guy tries to run away from a battle to further the plot/story, make sure he does so in a way that the speedster doesn't just chase him down. Otherwise, it will feel like there was no point to even battling him if he gets away no matter what. You can always have him escape police custody later if need be.

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