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    Looking for World of Darkness group.

    I would really like to play either vampire, mage, or werewolf. Are there any WoD games using FG?

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    I'd like to play one too but I think just a voice chat program like teamspeak or Skype would be enough. FG could be used as a basis but it's more useful for tactical stuff which is not what WoD is about.

    Let me know if you want to try and starrt something. Which WoD - old, requiem, Dark age, etc?

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    I think FG would work fine, it might have a lot of unused features for it, but shouldn't matter. I wouldn't feel comfortable using voice chat really, I dunno why just how I am I guess.

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    There are several free form WOD Rping forums out there, that use only a chat based client. I think one was St. Louis by Night. It uses Requiem rules if memory serves. Not that I am trying to deter you from using this program, just offering alternatives.

    Personally, I would love to play or run a Werewolf or Mage game, but as I lack a useable toolset, I dont see it happening.


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    I would be interested in playing. Preferably vampire but open for anything.

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    If anyone ever does decide to run a WOD game, please send me a PM and or E-mail please. I'm interested in any of the WOD games from mummy to werewolf.

    tzalik -at- yahoo -dot- come

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    Once i get the my SLA game working with FG, and do a successful game with the friends who I've selected for the experiment, I'll be wanting to break out into other games.

    I used to be a serious WoD player/GM in the pre Requim (sp?) days. So I'll definately be up for trying a WoD game.

    As for just using TeamSpeak, I think you still need props and sheets of paper.

    I think using both voice, 2D props and some macros you could create an awesome game.

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    If I'm going to play WOD game I prefer a mixture of FG and voice chat..

    voice chat streamlines the process and allows questions to be asked that would take quite some time to write out and explain..

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