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    Not sure if this qualifies as a fix or a suggestion, but Im betting you dont know about it either way. I have a table that I didnt create so it either came from FG or from one of the modules I purchased. It has a list of rumors. When I pulled up the table I immediately noted that only the right number field was in use, so instead of having numbers displayed as 1-1, 2-2, etc. up to 10-10 or whatever, it was <blank> 1, <blank> 2, etc.

    I rolled on the table and got results that did not match the indicated number. (not always, but sometimes) This result was repeatable. So I went in and simply put a 1,2,3, etc next to each number that displayed to the right. That fixed the problem. So I guess my fix or suggestion is that if a table does not have a lower bound, could the program automatically enter the rightmost number as the lower bound so that I wouldnt have to 'fix' future tables manually? Not a big deal for small tables but sure would help if I find one with a hundred or more entries!

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    The table should have the correct from and to numbers in the left hand boxes. If you can give us the name of the module and the table that is causing the issue then we can report it to the author of the module so that they can fix it.
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