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    Not really about FG, but....

    Help Palladium!

    These days are dark indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalmarjan
    Help Palladium!

    These days are dark indeed.

    I wonder what happened to them?
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    from the list of "bad circumstances" kevin lsits there.. it sound more like bad business planning relying whole to much on "future" Possibilites to pay thier bills rather than doing that which you can afford now and do what you can afford latter... living on to much "credit" can kill you fast. I realy don't think a limited print is going to save them and thier grabbing at straws and Fans money.

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    I read some of the posts on their board and on enworld. Interesting contrasts between the two btw.

    From what I was able to gather, someone stole/embessled a lot of cash and other items. Basicly the company has no money left. And you have to have money to make money...

    Which is a very sad thing. You hate to see something like that happen.


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    Hm. I sorta like Palladium Books, but they have some serious flaws. For one, using shields in Palladium Fantasy is worthless. There just isn't a point to them.

    Because of that, we ended up having to houserule a lot of things. I tell you what, though, few games match Palladium for sheer flavor.

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