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    Fantasy Grounds Unity - FAQ

    This post aims to gather up all of the information about Fantasy Grounds Unity in an easily digested single entry. It takes the form of a Frequently Asked Questions. Note that absolutely none of this is official; it is simply culled from forum posts made by the developers and from various teaser videos released.

    Q. What is Unity?
    A. FGU is the next iteration of Fantasy Grounds and the aim is to transfer the software to use the Unity engine which should considerable ease some of the current issues with memory management, graphical abilities and networking. It is also planned that FGU will run natively on Windows, Linux and Mac. However this latter might depend on how things progress.

    Q. When will Unity be released?
    A. There is no release date. Smiteworks have indicated that it will only be fully released after at least a 3 month Beta period, but absolutely no timescale has been given or hinted at. There are 1.5 full time developers working on it out of a team of 4.

    Q. What features will Unity have?
    A. No specific details have been released but from various posts and demos the following is likely or possible (not necessarily on initial release):
    • Better formatted text and font controls
    • Image and map features, including layers, painting with images, weather effects and dynamic Line of Sight.
    • Better networking, possible hosting via a cloud server, possibly some kind of game management server.
    • Better memory management.

    Q. What about all the DLC that I have, will it work with Unity.
    A. Yes. The primary concern of the Developers is that Unity will handle all existing content and that the transition to Unity should be a seamless one.

    Q. So how much will all this cost then?
    A. There are no firm details but it is expected that there will be an upgrade cost for existing users. The actual cost may be dependent on the length of time that the user has owned the existing software, with long term users being charged more than those who have just bought in to the software. No actual figures have been given. It has been mentioned that a Kickstarter is possible perhaps some few months before release.

    Q. Will I have to re-buy all my DLC?
    A. No. As noted above Unity will be fully compatible with all existing content.

    Q. Will the current version of Fantasy Grounds still be available after Unity is released?
    A. Yes. But not necessarily indefinitely

    Q. Where's the videos?
    A. Links below

    Q. I want to trawl through the massive thread on the subject. Where do I find it?
    A. Here
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