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    Net Libram of Random Magical Effects 2.00 Module for Any ruleset

    Some time ago, I found the excellent Net Libram of Random Magical Effects v2.00 by Orrex and have used it since in my games. I implemented this in Fantasy Grounds for my campaign, and thought that others might enjoy it as well. I reached out to the author who has graciously allowed me to post my implementation of it here. I take no credit for the contents, and any errors in the implementation are mine alone.

    The NLRME contains 10,000 random magical effects that can be used for things like Wild Magic surges, Wands of wonder, or any other time where you want some really random magical effect. It also includes a number of possible conditions that can govern the duration of the effect. The effects given are generally not specific to any particular game ruleset, but may require some interpretation by the GM. The module is therefore marked to work with any ruleset.

    In order to avoid causing a large memory hit when loaded, the table is broken up into 1 Master roll table titled "Chaos Burst Effects", and 100 sub-tables, each with 100 entries titled "Chaos Burst Effects 01", "Chaos Burst Effects 02", etc. Generally, the GM should only need to roll on the Master table, which will automatically roll on one of the 100 sub-tables. The tables roll to story entries, which the GM can choose to share with the players, or keep secret.


    Update 1.2 added a Story Template to generate the effect.
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    Thanks, and very nice detective work in breaking up your tables.

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    yeah, there was a discussion on it in another thread where I asked about table memory usage. Doing it my original way of all the entries in a single table caused a massive memory spike, over 1GB whenever I tried to load/roll it. it even crashed one of my sessions mid game. This works much better.

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    Updated to 1.2. Adding a Story Template to roll the effects in addition to the main table.

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    Thanks for converting this for FG mattekure. Looks pretty cool and adds a lot of value to random magical effects. Rep for that!

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    Thanks Skillkoil. I really enjoyed the original and used it in my campaigns for many years so I was happy to get permission to release this for FG.

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