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    Fantasy Plant Compendium

    Some time ago, I found the excellent Fantasy Plant Compendium posted on reddit by user /u/NeurotoxicNihilist. This adaptation is from the latest posted version 2.0.

    I decided I wanted to try my hand had making it into a module, initially for my own use. After making it, I thought others might like to use it, so I reached out to the author and he graciously granted permission for me to post my FG conversion. I hope someone else will find this a useful resource.

    Module updated to 0.6

    This module is now marked as Any ruleset, however, it was created specifically for 5e, so some NPC's and Item entries may not work properly. As of version 0.4 item entries should work in 5e, 4e, coreRPG, fate Core, Nemenera and may work in savage worlds.

    Over 600 fantastical plants detailed
    2 NPC entries
    Each plant has both Story and Item/NPC entries, including the Locations found, rarity, and any description/effects.
    All Item entries now have an "Unidentified" name of "Plant".
    3 Scavenging tables for each location type of increasing difficulty. Details of the difficulty levels are in the story description.
    Scavenging tables output item/NPC entries so they may be added to parcels/characters.
    Major Compatibility update, now tested and story/item entries work with 5e, 4e, coreRPG, fate Core, Nemenera. May work with savage worlds, but I dont own it to test. NPC entries are specific to 5e, so may not work.
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    Good job w/ the conversion!

    I had seen his work before, and it's amazing. But bringing it into Fantasy Grounds via a module makes it even better!
    I had to change my Sig. Fantasy Grounds Unity is official now...

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    Nice. Thanks for getting permission for sharing and posting it.

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    I found it so useful for campaigns with druids, a nature theme, or who spend lots of time in the various wilderness climates. Plus, I love all the stuff others have contributed and thought it would be good to give back, even a little.

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    Good work! I was doing something similar, but this is so much better! I'll use it for sure!
    Can I ask you why you decided to make it using story entries instead of items? How do you keep track of what your players collect in your games?

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    I did it as story entries because, in my mind at least, these are describing story elements within the world. Essentially for each entry there is only a location and a description/effect. I suppose they could also be items. That would allow them to be in parcels to hand out. I'll take a look at this next week.

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    Nice, thank you for sharing!

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    Thank you all for your kind words. I'm looking for some feedback. I like the idea of having Item entries for the plants. Should I replace the story entries and only have Items or should there be both? I wont be adding additional detail to items that isnt in the original source such as cost and weight. I am also trying to figure out what would best go in the Type and Subtype fields, such as Type = Plant, Subtype = locations found.

    what do you think?

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    I personally don't think that keeping the story entries would be useful, since the same thing can be done using the item records, with the added bonus of being able to put them in inventories and parcels (but that's obviously based on the way I use FG).
    Plus this way the descriptions can be found directly in the items and you could use the identified tag to show/hide name and effects of the plants.

    For the type and subtype technically I think they should be classified as "Adventuring Gear", since most of the non-equippable, non-magic items are in that category.
    Or you could also create a new type like "plant" or "alchemy" or something similar (you could also use this as a subtype). Personally I'd make them as Type: Alchemy, subtype: plant. That way I could mark them easily as alchemy reagents, and they could be expanded later with other types of reagents (like minerals or organic).

    I don't think you should put the location in the subtype section. Just put it in the description, formatted like it is now in the story entries.

    And, again, thank you for sharing!

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    You already put work into the story entries, I think you should keep them.
    I was wondering, if it would make sense to create tables per Location so you could roll for 1 or a set of random plants. When a herbalist or witch character goes out to gather ingredients.
    E.g. Roll a random plant in Swamp. Or roll 1d6 plants in Mountains (with repeated results of the same plant accepted).

    This is coming from someone who never created a table or a FG mod, just throwing ideas out there.

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