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    Downloaded and installed this extension. It doesn't seem to echo the dice to the chat window the way your screenshots show, with colored dice graphics. It's just regular looking dice with the numbers offset to the left.

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    Did you follow the tutorial on 1st message?

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    Thx. Didn't realize you had to right click on the d6 to select colored custom dice to drag to the sheet. However the /push command functionality is not per the rules in the book. It rerolls all the dice instead of just the dice that rolled 3-5.

    pg 44 of the Forbidden lands PHB
    "If you are desperate to succeed with a dice roll,
    you can choose to push it. This means that you
    grab all the dice that did not come up as a six
    (x) or a one (l) and roll them again. You get a
    new chance to roll x.
    You cannot choose which dice to reroll."

    Also Total weight is not auto calculating. Granted that the system uses a slot based, but in effect it can work out to each item having a weight of either .5 for light items, 1 for regular items etc.

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    The /push (developped by ianward) work. Actually, the dice are just not distribued in the same order than the first roll.

    In MYZ and FBL you push the 2-5 on Base and Gear dice and 1-5 on Skill Dice.

    I'll take a look for auto calculating encumbrance.

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    To my surprise, I will run my first Forbidden Lands game next week. Some of the players are spoiled by the commercial rulesets and my custom extensions & modules, so I spend good part of my morning to prepare for the incoming game. After I was done preparing the realm in Realm Works, I got my *** working on updating this extension, because I found several things that I thought need refresh. It is mainly cosmetic update, nothing fancy, but I would like to share if someone plays this wonderful retro survival roleplaying game.

    Attached is my version of the extension, it is v1.7 , which is backward compatible with existing games, but please save if you plan to use

    • Added Skills library - simple text containers
    • Added Spells library - simple text containters, can be dragged to Spells section in character sheet
    • Added Talents library - simple text containers; can be dragged to the Talents section in the character sheet
    • Updated Vehicles sidebar icon
    • New Talents sidebar icon
    • Character Sheet - Fixed width for the character sheet. Increased the starting height to accommodate the rolls box in the main tab
    • Main tab - enhanced with Rolls frame named "Frequently Used rolls". Players will be able to set up rolls for fast action compared to using the dicepool.
    • Abilities tab - Talents and Spells are properly anchored. Talents has increased but fixed height, while Spells automatically resizes vertically.
    • Abilities tab - Pride and Dark secret anchored and fixed in size.
    • Abilities tab - Condition checkboxes moved on the left for consistency. The frame is now resizing downwards.
    • Inventory tab - fixed the Consumables and Coins text boxes bug, where the text was duplicated between the boxes. Now the boxes are separate.
    • Notes tab - moved Languages and Reputation on the left of Relations.
    • NPC - Added scrollbar to dice roll window
    • Distance is now measured in zone. Diagonals are 1z as well.

    Future plans (if time allows)
    • Add columns to the spells (Rank, Range, Duration, Ingredients)
    • Add columns to the items (Bonus, Damage, Range)
    • Find a way to auto calculate the encumbrance based on Forbidden Lands encumbrance system
    • Modify the frontpage to replace the default CoreRPG modifiable frame with FL specifics with more intelligence
    • Add Artifact Dice
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Hello, How do you do to remove dice from the pool once put before shooting?

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    There are two ways to remove things from the dice pool:
    1. Clear the whole pool via the right-click context menu and selecting "Clear" in the option at ~5 o`clocl
    2. Use the small "dots" below the Dice Pool text.

    If you added the dice as I did in the example below, clicking the leftmost dot will remove the d4, the rightmost the d12 and the middle one, to no surprise, the d8. If you are adding the dice in batches (as it is in the Forbidden Lands), each dot represents the whole batch. You can't remove single die, only the whole batch.

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    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    I was referring to when you have negative dice as you remove them, without modifying the sheet

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    You just add them by hand in the dice pool. By the rules, negative dice affect only the skill dice. When you end up in this situation, you add the Base and Gear dice from the sheet to the pool and then manually add the Skill dice. The d6 on the dice bar has Base, Skill and Gear as custom die type.

    I have plan to see if I can edit the code and use the Modifier box to remove skill dice from the equation, but this side task will be next month, as I am traveling a lot and have no time for this.
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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